Tour group visits Italy

Friday, June 21, 2019
A tour group organized by Celebration Travel just returned from an escorted visit to Italy. The group visited Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, and Sorrento. They are seen here on the Isle of Capri just off the Amalfi Coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Participants included Nakai & Tom Waynick, Shannon Marsh, Michelle Haislip, Kim Baker, Connie Smith, Suzanne Bowman, Aaron Milestone, Amy Beech, Connie Serena, Cathy Serena, Jeffery Haislip, Steve Barber, Stephanie Barber, Kim Vernon, Stephen Jones, Paige Jones, Bill Farrar, Cooper Jones, Robbie Grissom, Deborah Donegan, Kimberly Stoltz, Patricia Schroeder, Kay Rose, Lawrence Campbell, Rita Campbell, Sharon Lowery, Billy Lowery, Pat Robinson, Mike Grissom, Tracey Donegan, Joseph Stoltz.
Submitted photo