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Climate change

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Climate change

To the Editor:

If climate change is so well documented as indicated in the June 22 Article "Climate change is scientifically documented" why did Lynn Goldfarb not point me to a few of the "massive amount of articles" that addressed the major causes of climate change(including CO2 emissions). A true "climate scientist" would not start out assuming that there was only "one" cause for annual global warming. He would consider several possible causes and set up research to prove if indeed each one had an effect on climate change. In addition he would like to know the relative magnitudes of effects. Lynn Goldfarb did not point me to one article that addressed these things.

The research that was cited in her article was "political agenda research" not scientific based research. NOAA/NASA were cited as estimating" that rapidly increasing climate disasters cost over $1.6 trillion dollars and now regularly cost hundreds of billions annually". What was the context of this quote? Did these two fine scientific organizations say that there were in increasing number of climate disasters each year?? Did they tie climate disasters to CO2 emissions?? It is hard to get a better climate change understanding out of these political agenda talking points.

On a side note, I'm curious how my article on June 18 in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette received so much attention by this person in Pennsylvania. All of the media maybe being monitored by the immediate crisis crowd and calls for additional scientific based research are covered with political blather.

Jerry Adcock


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