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Climate change science is well-documented

Friday, July 5, 2019

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to a July 29 letter, “Climate change” that questioned my letter of Jun 22. The person who wrote the “Climate change” letter displayed such a fundamental lack of understanding of climate science that the best advice I can give him is to start by Googling the website “What We Know” from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Then try skepticalscience.org, an interactive site run by volunteer climate scientists that lets you get easy-to-understand answers about climate change.

To answer a few of the questions in the “Climate change” letter:

“Did NASA/NOAA tie climate disasters to CO2 emissions?” Yes, of course. Just Google http://NASA.gov or http://NOAA.gov. Every scientific body of national or international standing and every climate scientist on the planet publishing in peer-reviewed journals knows that CO2 emissions are driving climate disasters.

“Did NASA/NOAA say there that there were an increasing number of climate disasters each year?” Yes. Again, just go to NOAA.gov to see their list of ever-increasing multibillion dollar climate disasters in the US.

“Why did I not point out any of the massive number of peer-reviewed AGW climate science papers?” Because there are over 24,000 of them published each year and they’re hard to understand if you’re not a climate scientist. The best papers appear online in the world’s two most highly-cited science journals, Science.org and nature.com.

The best way to get peer-reviewed climate science, however, is from online publications like Scientific American, National Geographic, Smithsonian, or insideclimatenews.org that use peer-reviewed science in articles about AGW aimed at readers who aren’t climate scientists.

Oddly, the one thing about my original letter the “Climate change” didn’t challenge was the projection that without over 50 percent greenhouse gas emissions cuts by 2030 the US economy will suffer over $160 trillion in climate disasters (Forbes, April 2019) and that we’d suffer $13 trillion in damage to our economy if we have a half-degree increase in global temperatures (IPCC).

For those who already are up to speed on the existential threat of climate change, check out the solution by Googling “Evergreen Economy Plan vox.com.” But where does all this climate skepticism come from? Climate skeptics often have reams of misinformation, some of it quite detailed and persuasive pseudoscience (unless you’re a climate scientist).

Climate change denial comes from a $2 billion climate-change denial operation clandestinely funded by the fossil fuel industry. It’s been in operation since 1989 when the American Petroleum Institute, seeing profits threatened, laid out plans for a campaign to sow doubt about the scientific consensus on climate change.

They modeled it on Big Tobacco’s decades-long campaign denying that smoking causes cancer. Tobacco corporations hired fake “doctors” and this country’s biggest fossil fuel corporations’ deniers-for-hire were fake “scientists” and “experts,” They even use the same front as Big Tobacco to launder the money, The Heartland Institute (Scientific American, http://uscusa.org “Climate Deception Dossiers” and http://desmogblog.org, one of TIME’s Top Ten Blogs).

Lynn Goldfarb

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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