Meg McKee

Cascade High School

Meg McKee is a student at Cascade High School.

Gimme a P! Gimme an E! Gimme a P!

Monday, August 26, 2019
T-G Photo by Meg McKee

Excitement rolls through Cascade as everyone prepares for the first pep rally. Pep rallies have a part of Cascade for years and represent the students, teachers, and staff's support for sports teams, band members, and Homecoming. They are held multiple times throughout the year to rile up everyone for upcoming events that occur in fall, winter, and spring.

This past Friday, students were pumped up to show their school spirit and overall support for Cascade Champion football team. Later that day the football team would face Moore County in its first official game of the season. Each class will wear a specific color that corresponds with the school colors. Every class will then stand in different sections of the gym and compete for the Spirit Stick by screaming, chanting, and whooping. The Cascade High School Art Club even made "noise makers" to hand out to the other students to encourage spirit. The classes will also send in either one, two, or even four students from their class to go against other students in pep-rally games. At the end of the pep-rally, the cheerleaders will stand in front of each class to pump them up. The teachers will then judge who they believe has the most spirit and award that class with the Spirit Stick.

The pep rally began by introducing the golf team, cross country team, girls' soccer team, and, finally, the football team. The golf team and soccer team were tested on their accuracy skill in games. The golf team had to try to put their ball between a fake horse doll's front legs. Only one team member, junior Garrett Rucker, was successful. The girls' soccer team had an accuracy game that required two girls from each grade to try and score a goal across the gym into a miniature soccer goal. Sadly, none of the participants were successful. Near the end of the pep rally, Dr. young introduced a new game called Guess the Song. The principal had drawn names from a raffle, in which is filled with tickets given to students by teachers for good behavior, in order to try and guess the name and artist of a song clip. The students whose names were drawn were able to ask for help from their grade so that they could win. If the student won, they had the option of a homework pass or a ticket to that night's football game as a prize. The pep rally was then concluded by the cheerleaders leading the students in singing Cascade's Alma Mater as the classes swayed, arms locked.

T-G Photo by Meg McKee

These pep rallies are established to encourage friendly competition between the students and to give students something to look forward to during the week. It is also a great way to end the first introduction to the school before Horse Show Break and Labor Day.

The National Honor Society held an induction on Wednesday morning for new members. There were approximately 18 junior inductees and three senior inductees. Those present to celebrate the new members were the inductees' parents and family, the freshmen class, the current members of National Honors Society, Cindy Pope, who leads the club, and Charlie Pope, the current Vice Principal. Three current members, Parth Patel, Jonathon Garcia Padilla, and Kailey Snell, presented three of the four main principles, in which Houston Messick, the previous president of the club, presented the last one. The main principles of National Honors Society are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The students that are picked to join the Honor Society are the top students in the school. They exhibit academic excellence, care for the community, and kindness to others. That is why they are expected to carry out scholarship for academics, leadership for others, service for community, and character for themselves.

After the principles were presented, the inductees' names were called as they walked onstage to light their candle and receive their certificate. When they all had their lit candles and certificate in hand, they announced the pledge, completing the ceremony. Once the ceremony was complete, everyone was dismissed to the cafeteria for cake and punch to celebrate.

As Cascade takes a break from the classrooms, students will have a once in a lifetime experience on vacation, visit with friends at the celebration grounds, or just chill at home getting a full night's sleep for once. This week was a wonderful end to completing the first month back to school and shows just how much spirit students at Cascade have.

--Meg McKee is a senior at Cascade High School. We're open to student columns from our other high schools as well; contact editor John I. Carney, jcarney@t-g.com, if you're interested.