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Clamor for impeachment is wrong, harmful

Friday, October 18, 2019

Clamor for impeachment is wrong, harmful

To the Editor:

"Democrats render 'no one above the law' meaningless." That quote comes from Clarence McKee (The Silent Minority)

Americans recognize hypocrisy and selective morality when they see it. They watch Democrats and their fellow media slither through the Washington DC swamp who try to stifle the attempt by President Trump to drain it. We still have vipers there.

Democrats say "no one is above the law." (Just how many times have we heard this from Nancy Pelosi?) Except a few -- Hilary Clinton, who destroyed thousands of e-mails on her private server; Illegal immigrants, including criminals, who are protected in sanctuary cities, and given instructions on how to avoid ICE by officials who swore to uphold the laws of this country; Antifa terrorists who violently attack conservatives while Democrats remain silent and have no problem with apparent "stand down" orders to police. We see James Comey walk away from leaking information to the press. So far, none of these people are held accountable. It seems "no one above the law" does not apply to everyone.

Democrats are continuing their lust for power. Their new hobby is to impeach President Trump. They have dragged the Mueller report out for over two years with no "smoking gun" evidence and cost to the American people of thousands of dollars. Now they have moved the goal post again. This time it is impeachment over a telephone call with the President of Ukraine and a "whistleblower" with second or third hand information. In a court of law, this would be thrown out as hearsay; but Democrats are counting on public opinion and their distorted view of the call between two presidents. Never mind that Joe Biden demanded a Ukrainian official be fired before he would release one billion US taxpayer money for their defense. Now Mr. Biden is asking the "news media" to shut down comments on what happened when he was Vice President. Apparently, he thinks he is above the law.

Impeachment is a consuming passion-a fixation for House Democrats. This is NOT how most Americans feel and it is our money being squandered.

A non-partisan PEW poll, taken September 19, found Congress is the least trusted institution in America. Only four percent believe Congress is effective, only 12 percent believe members care, and only 16 percent believe they act ethically. These percentages should be a wake-up call, but Congress stumbles on.

As the storm clouds gather, there is growing disbelief of House Democrats' impeachment mania. House leaders achieved nothing in their first year-except to inflame public opinion with press conferences, hearings and wild accusations. The Mueller report came to nothing. Appropriations bills remain unpassed, the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal remains in limbo and the border wall is unfunded.

Obviously, House Democrats have tilted hard left. They have allowed their caucus to become a bullhorn for socialism, anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, anti-constitutional ideas, like Medicare-for-all and the "green new deal."

The House, desperate for an impeachment trial, did not wait for legal process. Instead they chose to ignore the Inspector General, Director of National Intelligence, Attorney General and White House Counsel to consider Executive Privilege. (What happened to "no one is above the law"?)

Never mind that impeachment is, by definition, a constitutional process that imposes great burden on the nation. It pits institutions against each other, it disunifies the nation and can paralyze national security.

Who in their right mind would choose this path-unless forced by high crime? But there is no high crime. The President conducted an open-ended conversation with a foreign leader about a range of topics. The transcript of the call has been made public for all to see. Democrats apparently can not read. They read the same transcript that everyone read (unredacted) and now they are screaming "cover-up."

Congress should know something: All this smoke and mirrors, hype and gripe, does not escape Americans. We are not stupid, even if the House leaders think so. We may not be constitutional scholars, but we know when we are being played- and we resent it.

The impeachment game has gone too far. Our taxpayer money is being squandered. House Democrats overplayed their hand. They are wrong and some all ready know it. Some will feel the pain more than others (democrats who will run for reelection in red states, for example.) This may be the most profound strategic error by US House in history. We shall see. So Pelosi it is time to bring the "compliant" to the floor and vote; time to put up for a vote on impeachment or shut up. What we will not see is what does not exist, namely grounds for impeachment.

Stella Adcock


--Research from AMAC

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