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Writer calls Trump 'mad, unhinged'

Monday, November 11, 2019

To the Editor:

This is a rebuttal to Stella Adcock's letter to the editor on November 6.

According to Wikipedia, Judicial Watch is a pro Trump outlet which has made numerous false and unsubstantiated claims. They have filed many lawsuits of which the vast majority have been dismissed. One America News is a radical right wing outfit that promotes falsehoods and conspiracies. They even supported Roy Moore's run for the senate in Alabama as he was being accused of molesting minor girls. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, magapill.com promotes conspiracy theories. I sure trust mainstream media over these Trump propaganda machines.

The Mueller Report did not make a conclusion that there was no collusion between Trump, his associates, and Russia. I saw that Trump proved collusion when he asked Russia to get Hillary Clinton's E-Mails. He stood up before TV cameras and asked for their help and I saw it broadcast. The man definitely did ask for Russia's help and he got it.

How did James Comey, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, James Clapper, Bruce Ohr and Nellie break the law? Where is your proof? If anything, James Comey broke the law just before the election when he threw Hillary Clinton under the bus and got Trump elected. The rest of those listed did not break the law and you know it. That is more of the conspiracy theory garbage we hear from Trump people.

Rudy Giuliani as well as Trump were involved in a shakedown of Ukraine's president in order to get help for Trump's 2020 election bid. Trump admitted this in his phone call summary, although he refuses to release the full content of that phone call. Does an honest man have so much to hide as Trump does? Trump withheld almost $400 million from Ukraine until the president of Ukraine promised to get dirt on Biden and his son. Trump got caught in his scheme and had to release the money. Congress had appropriated the $400 million for Ukraine yet Trump was playing politics with taxpayer money for his personal benefit. His scheme was definitely a quid pro quo.

Does anyone really believe Trump volunteered his Doral property for the G7 at cost? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. Trump has never, and I repeat never, done anything unless he can make a profit. He has spent his entire life cheating others to make himself a profit. Just ask any contractors or tenants who have dealt with him..

I'm doing better now than when George Bush was president. I voted for Bush but he ruined the economy. Thanks to Obama's hard work the economy has greatly improved. Trump is riding on Obama's coattail with a good economy.

Don't brag on Trump too much for getting the Isis leader. The Republicans played down the fact that Obama got Osama Bin Laden. Trump did no better than Obama, and the actual work was done by the brave military instead of a political figurehead.

Don't believe the lie that Republicans are not getting to ask questions during the impeachment inquiry. They are there asking questions just like the Democrats but thy love to lie.

Republicans need to change the name of the party to he Trump party. The Republican party has been ruined by this bunch. Abraham Lincoln would turn over in his grave if he could see what a disgrace the Trumpers have made of it.

I feel sorry for the president who follows Trump. It will take years to undo the mess he has made of foreign affairs. No country trusts us anymore. I am worried about our republic surviving with this mad, unhinged man in office.

Charles Reed


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  • The only "mad and unhinged" person I see here is the person who wrote this opinion.(Charles Reed)if that is indeed is your name.

    Judicial Watch (JW) is an agency that promotes transparency in the government for the American people. It sometimes has to go to court (under the freedom of information act) to uncover criminal activity. This was the case with all those people in government jobs that were trying to unseat a duly elected president. It is time Democrats get over losing the election and get on with the work of the American people. Most of the people I talk to are weary of Impeachment inquiry, especially since it is not bipartisan. Democrats have "questioned" witnesses behind closed doors. Adam Schiff had contact with the "whistleblower" but did not acknowledge that fact until confronted according to the news. That does not set well with most of the American people.

    The last time I heard the Brooklyn Bridge was not for sale!



    -- Posted by JERRY554455 on Tue, Nov 12, 2019, at 4:50 PM
  • I listened to the impeachment inquiries and I am not hearing what the main stream media is printing. I have to agree with Stella. When are the Democrats going to get BACK TO WORK? Trying to impeach a setting President is not working for the American people after all we voted him into office and I for one support him. Thank GOD we didn't get Hillary. I am not sure my pocket book could take another 4 years of no jobs and paying people not to work. If we could get some help from the otherside of the isle we might reduce health care COST to help recover from Obama Care (that does not work for the working people or the the retired people). Close our borders or at least stop rewarding them for being illegally in the US. Mexico and Canada trade deal setting on Pelosi's desk. The Democrat got a lot to answer for by going against the American people.

    -- Posted by Union on Sat, Dec 7, 2019, at 9:06 AM
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