Letter to the Editor

Wartrace driveway issue

Friday, February 7, 2020

To the Editor:

In the story headlined “Wartrace, resident spar over driveway” by Terence Corrigan (Times-Gazette, Saturday, Feb. 1), concerning the Dec. 19 Wartrace town hall meeting, the paper stated Eddie Carroll disagrees with the Town of Wartrace over who should pay for repairs to his driveway. This matter had not been discussed with us.

Town Hall had set up a meeting with us for Feb. 20 to discuss this matter. If there was a “spar” going on, I did not know it. Town Hall had already admitted we had a big water problem and it was not our fault, and they would discuss the driveway on Feb. 20 at the meeting.

My wife and I are very upset at this time. Why were we not at the meeting? Especially with the press being there to speak for ourselves? The Mayor and Aldermen meet on the 4th Monday of the month.

The reference in the article made that I had been there on Dec. 19 and serenaded them in a rich baritone singing “The Christmas Song” made it seem as though I was “sucking up.” Everyone knows this is something I have done for years at banks, businesses and doctors’ offices. The article then makes it look as though the song was a prelude to my flattering Town Hall to repave driveway by reading: “(Carroll) seemed pretty sure that the town was going to accept responsibility for the damage to his driveway.”

Why was all this discussed and put in the paper without us getting to discuss or offer a rebuttal at the same time? Why schedule to meet with us almost a month later? Our town is in bad shape, is this what things have come to? I think that write up was awful in the way it was handled. Again, I was not aware of a “spar” but if that is what you want then OK.

Things like this are why there are so many dissatisfied people in the town of Wartrace. You have already admitted the water problem in our yard was the city’s fault, why would the driveway not be? We have potholes, cracking, washing away of the pavement from the water running down the driveway from the road, and each side of us. This does the same thing to a driveway as water does to a highway.

Everett and Margaret Carroll