Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Dr. Fauci

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

To the editor,

As each day passes the Coronavirus continues to increase by large numbers. The United States has surpassed all the others countries where the virus has been. The numbers of cases and deaths increase daily. The government has tried to curtail the virus by asking the citizens to use social distancing and by staying at home if they can. Other countries used this practice to slow the virus, and in some cases stop the expansion of the virus. The reason it worked in these countries is because they started these defense measures quickly. We did not.

The White House waited a month blaming the Democrats and others for the virus. We all remember the President saying the virus was a hoax started by the Democrats. But finally, the President setup a task force to answer some of the deep concerned of the Governors from many states needing help and guidance. Dr. Anthony Fauci was appointed as an advisor to address ways to curtail this virus. The president did not agree with Dr. Fauciís statements about his concerns. Dr. Fauciís concerns were the president was not taking this virus seriously.

The president started getting a lot of flack from other knowledgeable people on the task force. Now Dr. Fauci is back as an expert speaker, and advisor, on how to handle this deadly virus. Dr. Fauci is still working with the President and trying to convince him not to be in hurry to open the country up to soon.

We owe Dr. Fauci a great deal of thanks by bring this President to his senses and doing what is really needed to curtail this deadly Coronavirus.

Bobby Fanning