Creating a photo record of COVID-19

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Times-Gazette is in business to write news for and about the people who live here in Bedford County and to provide merchants with a place to advertise their goods and services. Coronavirus (or COVID-19 if you prefer) has abruptly changed everything.

People have retreated to their homes, waiting it out. Schools are closed, kids are stuck at home, there are no school athletic events. Public recreational facilities are closed. Merchants have temporarily shuttered their businesses. Some businesses and government agencies, however, cannot close — they are “essential.” Workers in some professions are rightfully praised as heroes. Police officers, ambulance personnel, firefighters and healthcare workers — these folks are on the front lines of this pandemic.

Another group, often overlooked when we make a list of heroes, are the folks who work on the front lines in grocery stores. Despite the risks, grocery store employees continue to unload trucks, stock store shelves and deliver groceries to people’s homes despite the fact that they are not highly paid.

We here at the Times-Gazette want to honor all those who are willing to take risks to keep our community ship afloat and those people who are voluntarily staying at home to help contain the spread of this viral attack. We want to make photo portraits of groups of grocery store workers, ambulance crews, healthcare workers and, yes, families who are staying at home. We also want to honor everyone who has stepped up and is volunteering to help others.

We will set up an appointment to come to you and take these photographs in open air places so as to comply with the social distancing guidelines. In the case of families, we will take front porch portraits.

Please send us an email ( and let us know how to get in touch with you. Help us make a photographic record of this unique time in our community’s history.