Wartrace High annual reunion canceled

Monday, April 6, 2020
The old Wartrace High School building.
Photo by Maxine Smith Odle

The annual Wartrace High School reunion, held each fourth Saturday in April, will not be held this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alumni Association president John Bramblett said.

The Alumni Association was begun in 1946 and the first alumni banquet was held that year in the home economics area of the old Wartrace High building. Home Ec students prepared and served the meal to 160 guests. This year would have been the 75th annual event,.

Schools were available in Wartrace since about 1865, privately funded until state funds were mandated around 1873. Around 1890 Wartrace citizens formed a school board, furnished a building and hired a principal whose name was usually given to the school. Brandon Training School is the name most remembered.

Beginning about 1922, the school board became more active and from that point on, the school was known as Wartrace High School. The last class graduated from WHS in 1972 and since the fall of 1973, Wartrace students have attended Cascade schools. The Wartrace High School building, erected in 1929, was razed in 1981.