Letter to the Editor

Times we are in

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

To the Editor,

In these times that we are in, times of darkness and uncertainty, the church has not been called to be rebellious.† It is not time to raise our own personal flags.† Our governor, our president, says no gatherings of over ten people.† I know that many of Godís people are saying that the government doesnít rule us God does.† As a minister I have seen that we donít see scriptures clearly.† The Bible says to obey them that have rule over you.† Iíve also seen that the Christians that struggle with authority over them usually have a hard time obeying the Holy Spirit, forgiving, paying their debts, raising their children according to scripture, being kind to their neighbors, and also treating their bodies as a temple of the Holy Ghost.† So please donít try at this moment to be a supernatural warrior just be a great example of King Jesus.††

Pastor Jay Pope

Kingdom Cultivation Ministries