Letter to the Editor

Where will the check burning party be?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

To the editor,

I know it is going to be a challenge to my right-wing friends on what to do with the $2 trillion socialist program money coming to us. This is not the first socialist program money that we have received in the last two and half years. Remember the $28 billion that was given to the farmers to help them because of the trade war with China. This will be a total of $2 trillion and twenty-eight billion dollars. This will make Trump the only president to have ever signed into law this much socialist program monies. I know Trump has always said at his red meat rallies that this country will never be involved in anything involving socialism. Oh well another lie.

I realize my right -wing friends will be wresting with their conscience about what to do with their checks they will be receiving. If your conscience tells you not to take this socialist program money then donít take it. Maybe you should just burn the check and send a message to Trump that you donít want this money.

If you decide to burn your checks, I suggest you all have a check burning event. I think it will be a good idea that you contact your local authority and get a burn permit, because it may be a large fire. Please let the rest of us that donít have a problem with our checks so we can come and watch your pride go up in smoke.

Remember tell us where and when the party is going to be.

Jimmy Bradford