Rainbow horse gets kids’ attention

Saturday, April 11, 2020
Brynley Pruitt, age 7, Angela Pruitt, age 3 and Mom, Mindy Pruitt, who operates Riding With Mindy horseback riding lessons, have enjoyed spending time together at home this month.
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While the Easter Bunny may have some social distancing issues this weekend, “Bubba” the rainbow horse, owned by Mindy Pruitt and family, is keeping everyone at their Shelbyville home and on social media in the Easter parade spirit.

Pruitt’s horse riding group “Riding With Mindy” joined the Shelbyville Rainbow Hunt Facebook group recently. Since children are out of school and quarantined, they’re being encouraged to seek out rainbows of all kinds around their neighborhoods by the social media group.

Pruitt said before coronavirus, she was hosting birthday parties at her home, where guests could finger paint “Bubba” while they waited their turn for pony rides. She assured that the paint used on “Bubba,” is a non-toxic washable one.

Posing as the “Shelbyville Rainbow Hunt” horse has given “Bubba” an edge when it comes to attention from local kiddos.
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She’s a certified riding instructor with three horse science degrees. She owns three horses including “Bubba,” which live on the 7-acre-pasture right off their backyard in a Shelbyville subdivision.

“I have four kids, so nowadays, my full-time job is mom. But I give riding lessons on the side when I’m able,” Pruitt said.

She explained that usually her children aren’t allowed around her work space. She said she’s finding out, though, that the quality time they’ve spent together at home - since the coronavirus pandemic - has been fun.

Brynley Pruitt says she felt like the rainbow queen recently riding her favorite horse, “Bubba.”
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“Both my girls had birthdays last week. This was a part of making their day special - even though we’re in quarantine and couldn’t have a party.”

As for Bubba’s current mood surrounding the rainbow art, Pruitt said he loves the attention.

See RidingWithMindy.com for more information on the classes and to see more about “Bubba” the rainbow-colored horse.

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