Letter to the Editor

Dump Trump

Saturday, April 11, 2020

To the editor,

There is only one person who has worked in the Trump administration with whom I have ever agreed and that is former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  When Tillerson called Trump a moron he hit the nail on the head.

We can fully see that Trump's handling of the response to the coronavirus pandemic is terrible.  He knew about problems with the virus in late December, 2019.  He didn't get serious about it until late March, 2020.  The gap between those dates allowed the virus to spread rampantly and he did nothing to get medical supplies to the states.  He claims he stopped people from coming from China, yet we know over 400,000 came in after he closed the country  to those from China.

In Trump's daily pep rallies disguised as coronavirus briefings he refuses to answer questions which make him look bad.  He won't allow the doctors to answer questions he thinks might put him in a bad light.  He pushes a drug which he has no idea as to whether it will work or not.  He is practicing medicine without a license.

If a reporter asks a legitimate question which Trump doesn't like he immediately goes on the attack and makes the attack personal.  He calls the reporters third rate or says they asked a stupid question.  

Trump is the one who is stupid.  He is a braggart, a liar, and has no compassion for anyone. Coronavirus will continue, the economy will fail under Trump, and we will have a depression like 1929 or worse.  The man is a bully just like the two year old he is in an overgrown, old man's body.  Throw him out in November before he ruins us all.

Charles Reed,