Letter to the Editor

COVID-19 is a virus, not an ideology

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

To the Editor,

It has now been about two weeks since the publisher of this newspaper, Adam Johnson, wrote an opinion titled Farce Majeure. It is an piece on the coronavirus. Force Majeure is an act of God; it is also used in legal agreement between parties, where in case of unforeseen circumstances, no party is held liable. 

Mr. Johnson in his opinion piece advocated for return to work at Easter. He related American exceptionalism to this return, he indicates that the right to assembly should override concerns about community spread and that protections initiated by state and federal governments are those of a paternal state. 

What Mr. Johnson misses is that we are dealing with a virus. It is biology and not sociology or ideology. Ayn Rand objective individualism will not protect you. Not taking care of all including the so called undeserved is a fool’s errand.  We can all catch this disease from someone else and the best recourse we have is to follow best practices as outlined by epidemiologists and other scientists. 

I will not pay any attention for Mr. Johnson or Donald Trump to direct my actions related to this disease. I will take recommendations from those professionals who I believe hold credibility. I will continue to social distance, wash my hands and stay home as much as possible.

We now have a first death in Bedford County as a result of Covid-19. We probably have community spread of the disease.

Mr. Johnson used a play on words in his opinion piece called Farce Majeure to state that the coronavirus pandemic is a farce. If we have people who take Mr. Johnson’s recommendations, and then get sick because of it; I grant you he will hide behind the legal concept of Force Majeure – this is an act of God and I take no responsibility for my actions.

Van Ayers