Letter to the Editor

Good advice ignored

Saturday, April 18, 2020

To the editor,

During this past week the American people witness President Trump performing in front of the TV cameras about how he has handled the Coronavirus pandemic. What was supposed to be a daily or weekly briefing about the coronavirus has become a platform for Trump to use as a campaign platform. Trump presented campaign slides, charts, and even video clips from governors thanking him for helping their state. During this campaign speech he attacked his favorite target the news media. Calling them bad or terrible reporters when he was losing control of his own briefing, he told the reporters to be quiet or refused to answer their questions.

We have heard about Caesar playing the violin while Rome burned, and we know Trump played golf while the virus was spreading across the globe. We also know the White House was aware of the coronavirus as early as December of last year. But what you may not know is Dr. Deborah Brix and Dr. Anthony Fauci were giving Trump some good advice about how to handle the up and coming pandemic. The most important advice these doctors were offering, that was being used in other countries, was “Social Distancing”. The other advice they gave Trump was to have people stay at home, because the virus has to have human contact to spread.

It is very interesting how we the people are acting with regards to this advice. It seems the majority are coping with this action, but there are some people that are not happy. Happy or not staying at home and social distancing is working. Thank you Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix for guiding this president in the right direction.

Bobby Fanning