Letter to the Editor

Bobby Fanning gripes too much

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

To the editor,

I am writing this pertaining to Bobby Fanning of Tullahoma writing something all the time in the paper about Trump. (Keep it in Tullahoma.)

Trump showing charts, maps and video clips were shown because the Dems had been saying he hadnít responded quick enough, that he wasnít doing his job.

Bobby Fanning is filled so full of hate for Trump all the time that all he can do is write articles.

Well, we all watch TV every day and know what is going on without Bobby Fanning writing about it.

We are in a crisis now and I feel like Trump is doing a good job. I do not know of anyone else that could have done any better. We need to not hate so bad and let God get us through this together.

I also donít like what the Publisher put in the paper a few weeks ago. I thought it was awful to put it on the front page of the paper.

As far as Trump playing golf, I donít think so. He has been too busy and the golf courses were closed until recently. Bobby Fanning gripes all the time.

Ann Mcghee,