Letter to the Editor

President Trump is either mentally ill or in later stages of dementia

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

To the editor,

President Grim Reaper is at it again with his miracle cures.  His hydroxychloroquine cure proved to be extremely dangerous so now he is telling us to inject or orally insert disinfectants into our bodies.  He also wants us to insert ultraviolet light.  These are the "cures" this fake doctor is promoting to cure covid-19.  He is like a mad scientist turned loose in Frankenstein's lab.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican congress must agree with Trump or else they would be condemning what he is saying.  They sit back and take in anything he says and there is not one of them speaking out to say he is nuts.  We have heard that McConnell has called Trump nuts in private but he is so afraid of Trump he refuses to say anything in public.

Obama may have once said "you can keep your doctor" but he had sense enough to not tell people to inject or drink poison, or to talk about inserting ultraviolet light into the body.  The manufacturers of disinfectants had to come out and tell people not to use their products internally because some folks were listening to Trump and doing what he recommended.

Dr. Birx is about as bad as Trump because she refuses to refute Trump.  She is aiding and abetting him promote his fake cures.  She is unfit to be in her position.

After all he said, Trump came out and claimed he was being sarcastic to a reporter when he made his comments about disinfectant and lights.  I saw and heard Trump on TV when he made the comments and he was asking the doctor directly about the "cures."  This man is a liar.  He lies about anything and everything.  Do not believe a word from his mouth.

Now Trump is running from the press and refusing to answer questions.  He is the same coward he was when he used the excuse of bone spurs to avoid the draft.  He is all about protecting himself at the expense of lives everywhere.  He refuses to admit any mistake.

He has done a terrible job in the fight against covid-19.  The testing is, per capita, far behind that of any other country yet he claims we have done more testing than anyone.  We have about 330 million people in the United States and testing has been done on a mere fraction of the country.

This November just think carefully before voting.  Do we want a man who is stable, compassionate and knows what he is doing in Joe Biden, or do we want a man who claims to be a "stable genius" and is either mentally ill or in the later stages of dementia? 

Charles Reed,