Letter to the Editor

Mike and Bubba

Thursday, April 30, 2020

To the Editor,

Those of us that had the pleasure of going to a barn dance can still hear words called out to the people dancing. “One step forward and one step back, step to the right and step to the left, take your lady and turn her all about.” Yes, that was some good entertainment and it always made me dizzy. The Mike and Bubba Trump show has become an entertainment, and it will make you dizzy if you watch it long enough.

Bubba Trump says: “Do as I say, not as I do.” “Wear a mask, but I will not.” “I will not accept the blame, but I will expect the praises.” “Everyone must social - distance, and stay at home, but I support the far-right groups that rally at their state capitol to have their state government to go back to work.” “I have full authority to close down the government, but I leave opening up their state to the governors.”

Bubba Trump has set some guidelines on opening the county back up. He has praised some Governors and belittled others. He has supported some and then turned on them. The Governor of Georgia is a good example of this. Bubba wants us to listen to the medical experts, but then he asks them to consider having people ingest disinfectants.

We are encouraged to here that Mike Pence and Donald Trump may not be on the daily coronavirus reelection show. The working people needs someone that will help them not mislead them. We can all agree we need to make “America Great Again” but the Mike and Bubba show is not working. Enough of the “one step forward and one step back.”

Bobby Fanning