Letter to the Editor

Bad tidings for Trump

Saturday, May 9, 2020

To the editor,

I have been an ardent follower of politics most of my life, ever since my father and I watched the Watergate hearings and Richard Nixon's subsequent downfall and resignation in disgrace in the 70's. I have seen good leaders, bad leaders, watched their minions fall by the wayside in both political parties, as the nation always survived and marched into the future. But I have never witnessed anything to match the endless upheavals of the Trump regime, and the undying, blind faith of the Trump Cult.

All presidents enter the White House with a certain amount of self-satisfied, congratulatory ego. But most leaders learn to balance those feelings with a realization that they are there to serve the nation, and their own self-interests must take a back seat to the welfare of the people they serve. Somehow, this critical ideal has totally slipped Trump's mind. From the day he entered the White House, his number one concern has been the satisfaction of his ego, and, of course, his re-election. He hadn't been in office more than a month before he announced his re-election campaign, and whenever things aren't going smoothly for him, he always retreats to one of his rallies, to have his endless ego stroked by legions of Trump-Culters.

Somehow the nation has survived three years of the Trump regime, including a chaotic foreign policy, a total war on science (unless it serves his purposes), the dehumanization of women in America, the firing of anyone who didn't genuflect to him and might have presented facts that contradict his fantasies, ad nauseum. But now his bungled response to the coronavirus threat, and the multitude of deaths that have ensued, may have finally awakened many in the Trump Cult from their media-stupor, so they finally see their hero for the charlatan he is. They are beginning to realize how he sat smiling under his sun lamp for  two months after he was warned of the virus threat, claiming it would be gone in a few weeks, and it was all a Democratic hoax. Luckily his medical experts have been brave enough to refute his ridiculous ideas, to the point that he quit taking questions in his daily Pony Show updates.

Now he refuses to let his medical team testify to a Democratic House committee, but of course it's alright for his doctors to speak to the Republican Senate. He even has the gall to go on a campaign tour of rallies, proclaiming how "great" his Coronavirus leadership has been. But one thing he can't preach about is how great the economy is.

Presidents come and go according to the political winds, and by the level of good or bad fortune that has befallen the nation under their helm. America has reached a crossroads, and is yearning for competent, wise leadership to steer us through the storms ahead, not the self-serving whims of an egomaniac media star who can't even make a phone call without a script to read by.

The winds are blowing bad tidings for Trump, even to the point that the Trump Cult might not save him.

William Davis