Letter to the Editor

Bobby Fanning 'gripes too much'

Saturday, May 9, 2020

To the editor,

In response to the writer regarding me, Bobby Fanning gripes too much. I see now she goes to the depths of her concern with my personal feeling when in reality she likewise does the same in her love and admiration for a president who has been impeached, lies, and shows how he will act f anyone disagrees with him in any matter. I need not go into the depths of this we all know how he acts.

With regards to the writer saying how this president shows maps, charts, and videos clips to try to convince the people in how he is handling this coronavirus when in reality he is not telling what really happened. He knew this virus was spreading rapidly in China and other countries. The National Security Agency advisors had informed him in early January this virus was real and a deadly virus. Trump response was at a red meat rally where he stated it was a hoax.

Trump did not take this information seriously until March. Even today he refuses to take full responsibility on how he missjudged the deadly virus until it was too late. The TV reality show know as “The Fox Hole News’ has done Trump and this country a disservice with their falsehoods and distortions of the truth.

America is not great again. Take a look at any poll and the numbers reflect that Americans do not believe Trump has any leadership skills. The writer is correct, we do not need to hate and we need God to help us through the next seven months. We are all Americans and we deserve better. I greatly appreciate the writer’s response to my letter. This is what makes America great.

Bobby Fanning