UNSUNG HEROES Meet Tony Robinson: Goggin Trucker

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Truckers like Tony Robinson have seen their workload increase, but places to stay and eat close down during COVID-19, which has made life on the road tougher. But days on the road since, they're still truckin'.
Submitted photo

“Unsung Hero” Tony Robinson of Goggin Warehousing plays an instrumental part in the food supply-chain of America as he transports poultry for processing. 

Robinson has been a commercial truck driver since 1992, and an employee of Goggin Warehousing since October of 2019.  He started his career driving over-the-road and spent a lot of time working the roads of North America away from home. 

For Tony, being away from family and friends for long periods of time was the toughest part of driving a truck.  With his current position with Goggin, Tony works local and is able to drive a truck and be home each night. 

“The satisfaction of accomplishment is what I enjoy most about my job.” Each day is different, he adds, and trying at times, but at the end of the day it all comes together. 

“The toughest part of working during the COVID-19 scare is just not knowing from one day to the next. During these unprecedented times, there are many changes and adjustments made because of the many uncertainties.  It can be challenging and difficult, but we make it work.”  

In the past, Tony would show quarter horses as a hobby, but today he likes spending time with family and friends. Tony enjoys is going to the beach;  a trip he first experienced last year in 2019 when he visited Daytona. 

As the country reopens, Tony says he cannot wait to make another trip and has made plans to return to Daytona later this year. 

“Goggin would like to thank Tony and all their truck drivers for the important role they play in keeping America strong,” said Kevin Collier, vice president of operations.