Letter to the Editor

The Democrats’ nasty history

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

To the editor,

With 2020 election only 7 months away. I think it is time to look at both party’s history and policies.

Most Americans think the Democratic party as progressive, and forward thinking. However, it never was that way. The truth behind the Democratic party is one of racism and corruption; the party condoned slavery, started a civil war, opposed reconstruction after the war, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynching, and fought the civil rights act.

Meanwhile the Republican party has opposed everything the Democratic party stands for. The Democratic party supported slavery, denied black Americans the right to vote. The truth is the Democrat party has shamelessly used African Americans as votes and then abandoned them the minute the confetti landed on their campaign victory party. Case in point, Democrat controlled cities across the nation, illustrate deteriorating family structures, violet crime, malignant poverty and dependency. Take a look at Chicago, Baltimore, California and New York. Not until Abraham Lincoln (Republican) became President did black Americans have any rights. Democrats formed the KKK. The Ku Klux Klan is responsible for killing 2,000+ black and white people of the Republican party. (that’s a fact)

The Democrats smear President Trump and 63 million voters with disgusting names. Misrepresent their beliefs, and have passed phony articles of impeachment to try to nullify their votes. This impeachment wasn’t really about President Trump. The Left’s target is the voters.

Democrats want to remove President Trump from office because he is fighting everyday for you and me and not the “Washington swamp.”

Term limits are needed for Congress and the Senate. President Trump is still standing even though he has endured abuse by Democrats and the media.

Republicans want to end illegal immigration, uphold sanctity of Life, create jobs, get better health care (no more “keep your doctor”, which was a lie). I believe Democrats knew that the Obama care would fail, so they could usher in Medicare for All and push us into socialism. Republicans want our Veterans taken care of, confirm trade deals, defend religious and Second Amendment liberties.

The Democrat Party has been hijacked by radicalism of Alexandria Cortez and Ilhan Omar whose ideas are anti- American.

The self- described socialists want to open up our borders; Covd-19 would be much worse if we had open borders. They want to end American energy, take over our nation’s economy; let Washington bureaucrats run the healthcare system, ban beef consumption with the “Green New Deal. In others words, they want to totally destroy America. They have already tried to white wash our history, by re-writing our text books, brainwashing our students in schools and colleges, and removing statues of former leaders.

Which party is best for America? The Left Socialist Democratic Party or The Republican Party that has made promises and kept them or the Democrats who try to bring this nation down with false accusations of collusion with Russia (Mueller’s team consisted of 13 Democrats). FBI, DOJ, and Intelligence agencies all support a false narrative to get FISA warrants to try remove President Trump. All these people were Democrats. You can’t make this up. Today we learned that Adam Schiff knew that all this information was false in the Steele dossier but continued to lie about it. It is time to bring these people to justice.

Now we have a potential Democrat candidate for President, Joe Biden, who is caught on camera and bragging about a qid pro quo with Ukraine when he served in the Obama administration as Vice President. He has escaped justice for that disgusting deed. Yet, President Trump was impeached by Democrats in Congress for a telephone call with Ukraine President. If you can’t see the double standard here, you are beyond help.

During this pandemic, while most people do not know where their next meal would come from, Nancy Pelosi was showing off her expensive freezers full of the best ice cream money can buy. That does not sound like a caring leader. This is the same “leader” that tore up the State of the Union address while President Trump was still at the podium. We can do better than having an 80-year-old in leadership, that has a 2-year toddler tantrum. Now she is refusing to return to work, even thou the Senate has returned to work. Why are we paying these folks?

Now liberals are blaming President for the Covd-19 virus. Who said to citizens “come on down to Chinatown and enjoy the fun, it is safe.” That was Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House. Governor Cumo did the same thing, telling New Yorkers to go about their lives. These people bear some responsibility and so does WHO (World Health Organization). They chose to pander to China. Remember when you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing to yourself.

Do I believe the Republican party is perfect? No, but I believe their policies are in the best interest of all Americans.

Stella Adcock