COVID-19 count continues to rise in Bedford County

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Bedford County schools janitor Carolyn Lynch works tirelessly to make sure local schools are kept clean, and was said to have gone over and above her duties during COVID-19. See additional school custodian pictures inside our special section today, “Unsung Heroes.” We appreciate all who’ve participated in this special keepsake edition.
Photo by Aaron Frost

he number of cases of COVID-19 continues on its steady steep climb in Bedford County, up 18.5 percent in the last week. On Sunday (May 3) the Bedford County case count was 200. Seven days later (Sunday, May 10) the case count had risen to 237.

Also rising, at a very similar rate, was the number of tests conducted in Bedford County, up 18.3 percent — from 1,471 to 1,740.

Statewide, in the last three weeks, 62 Tennesseans have died from COVID-19.

State increase

Statewide, the rise in the number of cases discovered in the state’s testing program from Sunday to Sunday was 13.7 percent — from 13,177 to 14,985. During that same period the number of COVID-19 deaths rose by 33, from 210 in the May 3 report to 243 in the May 10 report. Testing statewide rose at a faster rate than the case count increase. As of May 10, 261,869 Tennesseans had been tested, up by 57,262 in seven days.

In the last three weeks, from Sunday, April 26, to Sunday, May 10, the Bedford County case count has increased 49 percent but at the same time the number of recoveries has surged, up 570 percent. On Sunday, May 10, the state reported that the number of recovered COVID-19 patients was 134 in Bedford County.

In the rate of growth of cases among Tennessee counties, Bedford County remains in ninth place. In Bedford County the case count doubles every 25 and 1/2 days. The counties with the fastest case count growth are Hardeman County with a 151 cases where the case count doubles every two days and Meigs County, with 22 cases, where the case count doubles every five days.

Other counties

Other Tennessee counties in the top 10 for rate of COVID-19 case count rise are:

• Hamilton, 233 cases, doubles every 16.5 days

• Bradley, 69 cases, doubles every 22 days

• Coffee, 53 case, doubles every 22 and 1/2 days

• Robertson, 2018 cases, doubles every 23 days

• Lawrence, 20 cases, doubles every 24 days

• Rutherford, 725 cases, doubles every 24 and 1/2 days

• Montgomery, 174 cases, doubles every 26 and 1/2 days.

In the United States 1.3 million people have tested positive for COVID-19 and 79,552 people have died.