A deadly week: 53 more Tennesseans die from COVID-19

Saturday, May 16, 2020
As the chart shows, the rate of increase of testing in Bedford County has outpaced the rate of increase of the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19. The chart shows results of Sundays and Wednesdays beginning with Sunday, April 19 and concluding with Wednesday, May 13.
T-G Graphic by Terence Corrigan

Mid May was deadly in the COVID-19 pandemic in Tennessee.

In eight days (May 7 through May 14) 53 more Tennesseans died from COVID-19. One more person died Wednesday in Bedford County bringing that total to four.

Nationally, as of Friday, 85,843 people have died from COVID-19. Since the first case was discovered in Washington state on January 19, on average 734 Americans have died every day from the coronavirus.

As of May 14, the Tennessee state health department had recorded 287 deaths from the coronavirus. Fourteen Tennesseans died on Wednesday.

Tennessee deaths in this recent eight-day period were 18.4 percent of the total number of deaths statewide from this pandemic. The first case of COVID-19 in Tennessee was reported on March 5. The average daily death count in Tennessee has been 3.5.

By Thursday (May 14) there had been 248 cases recorded in Bedford County. Of those cases 169 people (68 percent) are reported as recovered. From May 7 through May 14, the number of cases rose 14.3 percent in Bedford County.

Testing statewide (May 7 through May 14) was up 27.9 percent 65,989 tests in eight days.

Increase in testing in Bedford County is lagging more than 10 points behind the statewide rate, up 17.4 percent in the eight day period. From May 7 through May 14, there were 284 tests conducted in Bedford County from 1,629 on May 7 to 1,913 on May 14.