Letter to the Editor

Honoring Memorial Day 2020 with trial and struggles

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

To the editor,

Many thanks for all the many cards, calls and personal contact in interest of the Field of Heroes 2020.

In mid February beginning early planning preparation for program for the event there were many obstacles that tested my faith to continue. Then COVID-19 added to my struggle to continue. I then decided to just give in and not honor this day as I have for seven years.

Early in April, I began pulling out the crosses and checking them and this really discouraged me for they were very dirty and nasty. So I began washing and cleaning and restoring them. It took about three weeks and lots of work to make them presentable.

Early in May I decided to at least install the crosses and flags for viewing only as that would be better than no honor in remembrance. So I contacted the Times Gazette that I was at the least going to put the crosses with flags up in honor for viewing. Thanks for their help in promoting the event so that everyone would know.

Then the Boy Scouts contacted me and wanted to help get them put up. So, on the Friday before Memorial Day, with their help, we installed the 240 white crosses with flags.

Many people did visit the site and left many compliments of thanks. With good feeling that much was accomplished and wasn't abandoned.

Then early Memorial Day morning, Michael Doak contacted me that she wanted to visit the site and sing two are three songs in honor of our deceased veterans. She invited Pastor Jimmy West to come for a brief word and prayer and that made this special day extra special. Despite all the many obstacles it was worth the struggles. We have to rely on Gods timing to see us through our trials and troubles that He makes all things happen.

THANKS to the many who have supported and respected this event for seven years in special honor of this very special and honorable holiday celebration for the ultimate price given by men and women alike and the sacrifices of families given for freedom. Least we never forget...

R. Gene Williams