Letter to the Editor

Time for some fresh air

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

To the editor,

    Well, I see in the latest edition of The World According to Stella, Ms. Adcock now informs us that all Democrats are "Commies," and then brings to us the startling revelation that 80% of people in the U.S. think this is true.

I don't know what magic hat she pulled that number from, but I confess I find it hard to believe that 80% of Americans are as delusional as her.

She then tells us that Obama was trying to be a dictator. This in itself is rather ironical, since the orange Messiah she worships in Washington is acting more and more like a fascist dictator every day (Gassing peaceful protesters, demonizing the free press, trampling on the 1st amendment any chance he gets, firing every inspector general he doesn't like, simply because they were doing their job, etc...)


According to Ms. Adcock, Democrats are responsible for every evil that lurks in our country, including lawlessness, homelessness, communism, socialism, atheism, congenital warts, cancer and the common cold. I'm sure she would love to just have a one-party governing system, and we all know which party that would be. Then she could really find out what a fascist dictatorship is like.


I wonder if Ms. Adcock mails her social security check back to the government every month (ugh, that horrible word, social), because if it weren't for the Democrats, she wouldn't be getting it. Does she use Medicare, which was also a product of those evil Democrats?


I suggest Ms. Adcock try turning off Fox News, look at something other than right-wing websites, open the shades and breathe in the fresh air of unadulterated reality for a change. She actually might find it refreshing.

William Davis,