Letter to the Editor

If you want change, vote

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

To the editor,

The African- American community has taken a stand on the injustice and many other issues they have endured since the Civil War. They are tired of being treated as a second-class people, and they are tired of seeing no chance for betterment in today’s world.

The horrible death of George Floyd was a lightning rod that began the protest of not only black people, but every race joining in unity with each other everyday from coast to coast.

I hope to see not only the African- American people, but everyone becoming a part of the protest across our great nation. I hope this protest does not fade away after a period of time. There has been great marches and protest in our past. The death of Martin Luther King, The Women’s March, to name a couple. It is with great expectation this protest will continue and we see the changes needed for all of God’s children. If this protest dies as some have in the past the African-American community will have lost their greatest once in a lifetime opportunity.

The only way changes come about is by people going to the polls and voting. Voting for a candidate who supports the same issues that you do, and believe as strongly as you do about these changes is the only way the “We the People” can take our government back.

First you need to know the candidate. Does he/she support your issues? Will they fight to help you achieve the changes you want for yourself and you community.

This is an election year. All of this protesting will be a waste of time if you do not register to vote, and go vote. I don’t want to hear about changes if you are not going to vote. Get active in your candidate’s party and support them. This protest for change can only come if you the citizen get up off your behind and do something about this change you want.

You can only win by voting. You lose by not voting. Exercise your right to vote. Don’t lose your momentum. Register to vote and go vote. Enough said.

Bobby Fanning,