Letter to the Editor

A pastor’s compulsion    

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

To the editor,

I have never felt compelled to write a letter to the editor until now. As a Church Pastor, one of the things I have always held back on is open involvement in the political arena. So why now, well why not in these crazy times.

If anyone had told me that we would go through a nationwide lockdown, that I would preach sermons from a camper in my front yard while awaiting the results of what would be a negative COVID-19 test, I would have just laughed. But those things happened.

Now I find myself looking at a world that in March was standing tall. I hope and dream that it will again in the near future. I also know elections have consequences. I am unapologetically conservative. My father before me voted Republican the first time ever for Ronald Reagan. Before he passed away he said “son the Democratic Party left me.” With that said, I stand today to say they are further away now than ever before.

But we need an outsider someone that is not interested in holding an office but in making a difference. I had the good fortune to meet such a man two years ago. Having had an accident on a motorcycle, I was flown to Vanderbilt hospital almost every bone in my body broken. So I believe God providentially placed a man I believe to be the one we need as our next senator from Tennessee. He was born to immigrant parents, in the state of Ohio and grew up in rural Tennessee. His parents served the Hillsboro area as local doctors. He is a Christian having given his life to Christ at 22 years old. He is very much pro-life. His opponent recently made the claim that he was endorsed by planned parenthood, this was a lie. He has the no nonsense way of looking for solutions. It is with great pleasure I endorse and stand with a gentleman that went to school at Webb School, Manny Sethi, to be the next Senator from Tennessee. 

Jeffrey Heard