Education: Every day matters

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Students and learners, the times we are facing as cities and nations in the world are unprecedented. We are being challenged like never before, but we at Motlow State Community College know the importance of your educational and social growth needs. We must pull together as one people more now than at any other time in recent history.

Over the past few weeks and weekends, adversity confronts and impacts human life; rioting throughout America eclipsed COVID-19 as our most salient issue. Motlow State Community College, wants you, our students and our communities, to know that we are working tirelessly.

We are doing our part to positively alter the spaces and places within the world in which we live. We will create avenues for our students and community to address what is and has occurred around us. Our commitment to you is that we will ensure that your education continues to serve as a way to develop you.

We will uphold being connected to the values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do. Our service to you is to support you leaving our institution a more aware human being and a more astute leader. We know you can bloom where you are planted. We know that you will learn and lead while you are with us and far after you have left us, but we must ensure that we address the inadequacies found in our current society, together.†

Whatís up to you?

We want you to bring and demonstrate the most impactful and powerful positive attitude of respect for others. We are making safety, health, and wellness our number one priority and when you return, we need you to do the same. Letís keep each other well. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Motlow State Community College urges you to focus on your safety and the safety of others. We must have a respectful approach of awareness that others may have living arrangements or daily contact with family/persons who are more susceptible. If we protect ourselves, perhaps we protect others too.†

We want to let you know we support you. We thank all of you and know that you are utilizing your amazing ability to cope and stay resilient while confronting the uncertainty of the days ahead. We have a certainty here for you; we are and will be here to support you overcoming everyday challenges. Our Faculty, Staff, and Administration are tirelessly learning in order to appropriate new skills in preparation of your return.

Please know, you can count on Motlow State Community College, the regionís number one provider and most value added post secondary institution. The Motlow Family is here to support your efforts and are already committed to the success of your educational journey. Students, please stay safe and be well. You have a home at Motlow State Community College, so join us, we are waiting.