Letter to the Editor

Claims of communist Democrats unfounded

Thursday, June 25, 2020

To the editor,

I agree with Mr. William Davis' letter to the Times Gazette where he replied to Stella Adcock. Ms. Adcock makes the ridiculous claim that 80% of Americans believe Democrats are communists without any proof of her claim.  If she does claim proof it will be from some conspiracy theorist or Fox (Trump Propaganda) News.  It may even be from the John Birch Society.

We know, or should by this time, that Donald Trump is a fascist.  He wants to destroy the first amendment, arrest reporters, be a dictator, forcibly suppress the opposition, have belligerent nationalism, and be a racist.  If not for the Democrats Trump would be doing the same as Mussolini and Hitler.

Ms. Adcock blames the COVID-19 pandemic on Democrats.  Who in their right mind would make such a bizarre statement?  Donald Trump's inaction caused COVID-19 to spread like wildfire in the United States simply because he and his administration were afraid the economy would tank.  Now that the economy has tanked Trump, like the infant he is, has to blame someone.  Remember, this man makes no mistakes, according to him.

We have an administration that has hijacked the Republican party and the party has been forever destroyed.  It will never recover from this failed and incompetent man.  Trump is like an albatross tied around their necks.

Attorney General Bill Barr is just as corrupt as Trump.  This man is breaking laws right and left as he does the dirty work of his idol, Trump.  The latest firing of Mr. Berman was a hit job to prevent the SDNY from investigating Giuliani and the rest of Trump's pals.  Barr should be forced to resign but Mitch McConnell will protect him to the end of the earth.

Mitch McConnell is a leech who has been sucking blood from American taxpayers his entire life.  He has never held a real job but he has lived high on the hog from our tax dollars.  He will protect Trump at any cost because he owes him, and his wife is working for Trump.  Had McConnell been an honest man he would have convinced his Republicans to remove Trump from office when he was impeached.

Ms. Adcock, before you throw stones at the Democrats you should take a look at the incompetent excuse for a president we currently have.  How anyone can support this man is beyond belief.  From George Washington to Barack Obama we never had anyone so unfit for office as Trump.  He makes the leader of the Watergate burglary, Richard Nixon, look good.

Ms. Adcock brings up Joseph McCarty.  Look his name up and you will find he was a fraud who claimed everyone was a communist.  He had Trump's former fixer, Roy Cohn, as his lawyer and fellow accuser.  This is the same Roy Cohn who did work for Trump and Trump's father.  Cohn also represented many mobsters.  This is a good crowd isn't it? 

Charles Reed,