Letter to the Editor

Democrat party is filled with communists

Saturday, June 27, 2020

To the editor,

I see the newspaper has printed an opinion from Charles Reed and William Davis that the communist Democrats do not exist, even though I provided research to prove my point. Google Democrats connected to the US Communist party. You will be surprised at how many communists we have in the Democrat party.

I would rather watch Fox News, One America News, and News Max than trust anything mainstream media prints. Mainstream media is in the pocket of Democrats, you can see it every day. If they don’t have a story, they will make one up.

Where is your evidence that President Trump is a fascist or a racist? Who has done more for black and brown Americans? Trump. He has made more funds available for Black colleges and has supplied school vouchers for children to get out of failing schools. Obama denied school vouchers to students who were in failing schools. (a fact that is on record)

The COVID 19 virus came from China (a fact). Go back and read the timeline for President Trump reacting to COVID 19. Different opinions are understandable; but outright lies are not.

Here are some examples:

• Lie #1 President Trump called coronavirus a hoax. This lie was spread by politicians and the mainstream media. Trump actually called the Democratic Party’s politicization of the outbreak a hoax. Meg Kelly, a fact checker for the Washington Post, actually awarded former Vice President four pinocchios (highest rating) for repeating the same lie, and for editing video footage of the President as “proof.”

•  Lie #2 President Trump cut funding for Centers of Disease. A debate by Biden, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren on Feb 25. and it continues today that President Trump cut Centers of Disease funding. When the truth is, Congress, not the White House, has the power of the purse and CDC funding has increased every year since President took office.

• Lie #3 State and local officials are critical of Trump administration’s coronavirus response. Some Democrats (state and local) have tried to score political points at the President’s expense, while other Democrat governors have praised the President’s response to the virus. Examples Gavin Newsome (CA), Andrew Cuomo (NY), and most surprising Omar of Minnesota all praised Trump’s handling of the crisis.

• Lie #4 Biden claimed that Trump “hasn’t allowed his medical team to speak about the outbreak.” The former vice president made this claim on ABC’s “This Week.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, (nation’s top infectious disease expert) nipped that claim in the bud during an interview with MSNBC host Chris Matthews. Dr. Fauci remarked, “I am not being muzzled, everybody who gets on shows like this, you have a normal clearance. I was cleared here and I am talking to you, and I’ll give you the whole truth the way I always have.”

• Lie #5. Donald Trump is fiddling while coronavirus burns. This claim made by USA columnist Jason Sattler, who suggested using the outbreak to oust the President. In truth, the administration has been working tirelessly to keep people in formed.

• Lie #6 Calling it “China virus” is racist. MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and the Obama administration repeatedly used this term without comment. There is also, German measles, Japanese smallpox, and Spanish flu.

• Lie #7 Trump is practicing medicine without a license. NBC/MSNBC legal contributor, Katie Phang tweeted this statement in response to a Trump statement that ”hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin, taken together, have a real chance for a big game changer in COVID 19. The President was merely relaying information the experts had told him. If I say, Penicillin is a game changer in treating infections, that is not practicing medicine — that’s a fact!

The Republican Party is alive and well. The Democratic party however, has moved so far left that it is no longer recognizable. Bill Barr is doing a good job, whether you like it or not. Democrats do not like him because he is rattling skeletons in their closet. And Democrats are not going to fare well when Mr. Durham’s report comes out. Mr. McCarty was laughed at when he made the prediction, but it has all come true. And when he said there are communists in our government, he was right.

In case, you have forgotten Mr. Reed, the impeachment of President Trump was partisan, the House did not even take a full vote to do the impeachment. Joe Biden is guilty of doing what Democrats accused President Trump of. Remember the tape; he committed” qid quo pro” on tape that Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

Democrats said “all women should be believed when they come forward to report rape.” But Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, and Democrats came out to support Biden’s denial. Apparently, Biden is above the law. So Mr. Reed clean up your house before you attempt to clean up my house.

Stella Adcock,