Letter to the Editor

Bill Hagerty will work to lower the Nationís debt†

Thursday, July 2, 2020

To the editor,

It seems that most elected officials donít care about the debt of our country these days because the Washington establishment is recklessly spending money that we donít have. The country is over $25 trillion in debt, yet socialist decision-makers continue to push for new plans that will only drive our country deeper into debt. The far-left has proposed a government-run health care plan that is estimated to cost $52 trillion, as well as a Green New Deal estimated at $93 trillion.†

Bill Hagerty is the right man to stop this reckless spending. As a conservative businessman and outsider, Bill Hagerty is the right man for the job and has received the complete and total endorsement of President Donald Trump. On top of his successful business career, Bill has worked closely with President Trump as his Ambassador to Japan and has supported the President since the 2016 election, where Bill volunteered full-time for the Trump campaign before aiding on his transition team. Bill is currently working alongside President Trump on his economic recovery task force to advise him in recovering the U.S. economy. When elected, Bill Hagerty will continue to work with President Trump to help drain the swamp and stop the socialist spending agenda.†

Bill Hagerty knows that the only way to cut the national debt is through fiscal conservative leadership. He will work closely with the President to cut frivolous spending, cut the corporate tax rate to encourage job growth and make tax cuts permanent. Bill will fight to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and he will make sure we finally get our debt in control. He will carry the values and work ethic that were instilled in him as a young boy to Washington, D.C. to amplify the voice of hardworking Tennesseans.†I support Bill Hagerty to be Tennesseeís next Senator because he is the trustworthy conservative businessman we need.

Jeff Sweeney,