Letter to the Editor

Time for change

Saturday, July 4, 2020

To the editor,

Did any of you go or watch the Trump rally on TV in Tulsa? I did. It wasn’t very good for his campaign. The Trump rally in Phoenix wasn’t much better.

I cannot help but ask people about the rally and the Coronavirus. No social distancing, mask, and for crying out loud having to sign a wavier not to sue, just to listen to him use the “A ‘and “F “word; and why would the Religious Right support a candidate that uses this type of language? We need changes.

Trump at the Mega-church rally in Phoenix used words like “culture wars, justice and equality,” while promoting hate and fear to a group of young students that made up the audience.

We the voters will be looking for candidates that will propose changes and reforms our country needs. Isn’t it time for new ideas in our government?

Trump has not helped this country. Trump and the party he represents have lost their moral compass and their financial leadership. Trump and his party have preached hate and separation, and our country’s financial wellbeing may never recover. We need new leadership in our country. On the state and Federal levels of government.

In the last six months our country has witnessed failed leadership. Talk to the candidates and ask them questions. Understand what they support and why. If they support Trump and not your issues or concerns then don’t vote for them. But it is important for you to register to vote and then go vote. If you want changes then you will have the opportunity in this year elections.

Changes only come by voting.

Bobby Fanning