Letter to the Editor

The conservative choice: Bill Hagerty

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

To the editor,

We are quickly approaching one of the most important elections of our lifetimes.

The Covid 19 pandemic has halted our economy, it has impacted and affected our schools, our families and how we conduct our daily lives. It has created a climate of fear and violence which has swept across our nation.

Bedford County is no exception.

The people in Bedford County, know we must restore confidence in our Country again. We also know we must elect the right people for our county, for our state and for our Nation.

We have to send the right people with the right message that says we want our country back, we want our economy moving again, we want to see order restored.

That is why we need Bill Hagerty in the United States Senate.

Bill is not a Doctor or medical expert, he is a successful conservative businessman who, like President Trump, understands the importance of a strong economy and how important it is to put people back to work again.

He knows the impact and the importance our Tennessee Walking Horse Industry has on Bedford County. I know, without a doubt, Bill will fight to support our beloved pastime once elected.

Bill Hagerty has expressed his commitment to being 100% pro-life in protecting the unborn and is not scared to face the extreme left-wing pro-choice lobbying groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL-Pro Choice America, Democrats for Life of America, and many others.

Bill will stand with us in defending our Second Amendment rights from infringement

attempts by groups like ANTIFA and extreme radical elected officials across the nation.

Bill understands the importance and the needs of our military servicemembers and veterans. I know he will work to make sure they continue to have a voice.

Bill Hagerty is the true conservative in this election.

But donít take my word for it, look at the conservative leaders across our state and our nation who have voiced their support for Bill Hagerty: President Donald Trump, United States Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, United States Representative Chuck Fleischman, The Majority Leader in the Tennessee State Senate, Senator Jack Johnson, The Majority Leader in the Tennessee State House, State Representative William Lamberth and over 1,000 elected officials across Tennessee have endorsed Bill.

We need Conservative Bill Hagerty in the United States Senate. Please join me on Aug. 6 to cast our vote for the next United States Senator from Tennessee ó Mr. Bill Hagerty.

David Trisdale,