Letter to the Editor

Your vote counts

Saturday, July 11, 2020

To the editor:

The early voting for the Primary Election begins July 17, and the primary election is August 6. We the voters will be electing Mayors and Alderman’s in our communities. The general election is Nov. 3 when we the voters will elect a President, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Congressmen /women, we will also elect our State Senators and House Representatives. Your vote will decide what person is to represent your interest and issues.

We have witnessed for the past four years how chaotic our nation has been with uncertain and how divided our country is with anger, distrust, hate and a lack of leadership from our leaders. As the Coronavirus spread, we witnessed no leadership from the Federal Government, and where have our U. S. Senators, U. S. House of Representatives, and our State Senators and State House Representatives been? The death of George Floyd which was a lightening rod across this nation for equal justice for all and many other issues related to racial inequality, but our leaders are using the same strategy they used in the past. Do nothing. It will pass in time.

Our job as voters is to know the candidates. Be wise and research these candidates. Listen to what they say and how they answer questions asked of them. Do you feel they will represent you, or will their loyalty lie with someone or some lobbyist group that does not agree with your views? For too long people have followed a candidate just because they were of a certain party. No more. It is time you came back home. It is time you take your government back.

I truly feel America is now a nation in crisis. Please I urge you to vote in the August and November election. Get off the couch and vote to change and save our country.

Bobby Fanning,