Letter to the Editor

All Republicans are as bad as Trump

Thursday, July 16, 2020

To the editor,

Now it is clear Donald Trump and Putin are tied together at the hip.  Trump had no choice but to commute the sentence of Roger Stone to keep Stone from spilling the beans on him.  Had Stone gone to prison he would have squealed on Trump and told that Trump was deeply involved with Russia.  If you look at past comments from Stone it is plain to see he was holding this over Trump's head.  Stone played his ace in the hole.

Talk about being communists.  Putin is a former KGB agent for the USSR.  He is a true communist and he appears to be Donald Trump's best friend and confidant.  They are on the phone together all the time, they meet and we never hear what they talk about, and Trump constantly praises Putin.  For a person to call Democrats commies I think that person should look at the connection of the head of the Republican Party and the communist Russian Putin.

Of all the dastardly things that could be done to our military is that Russia put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers.  Trump won't even discuss this with the American people.  He claims he never knew about this even though it was in his daily briefings.  If he can't read or won't read he definitely doesn't belong in the White House.  I believe he knew but he had to protect his buddy Putin.  He was even calling for Putin to be included in the G7 Summit after he knew all about this.  I would think this is a case of treason where Trump is working with an enemy who puts a bounty on American troops.

Another odd thing about Trump is how he is so afraid for the public to see his income taxes. He is fighting to the end to make sure no one sees them.  While Joe Biden has released his returns for 21 years Trump has gone all the way to the Supreme Court to prevent us from seeing his.  Who is transparent?  I have not seen one person from the Republican Party ask that Trump reveal his tax returns.  Could it be that they all have things to hide?  There is something in Trump's tax returns that makes him nervous.  I suspect he has been cheating on his taxes for years and he knows he will be in trouble if we find out.

Trump is always talking about being the best or the smartest.  There is one thing he does lead in and that is his complete failure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  He sat on his hands when the epidemic first began and he is still preaching it is going away.  With close to 140,000 deaths in the United States from the virus Trump is like Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned.  If things weren't so bad we could laugh at this clown of a president, but this is a time we should all be sad we have such an incapable man in the White House.  Trump is after Dr. Fauci even though Fauci is the only one at the White House who is telling the truth.

All these Republican candidates running for office in Tennessee are just as bad as Trump. They praise him and fawn all over him in each of their ads like he has done wonders for us.  If they are so ignorant as to think Trump has helped us they need to drop out of their races because they are as stupid as he is.  I just hope Joe Biden is successful this November.  If elected he will have the hardest job of any president in years as it will take years to clean up the swamp left by Trump.

Charles Reed,