Letter to the Editor

Trump, Republicans hold this country together

Thursday, July 23, 2020

To the editor,

I see Mr. Reed is hyperventilating about how bad President Trump and Republican supporters are without any evidence. Do you realize you have just put yourself in the category with Hillary Clinton?

You have insulted over 63 million people who voted Republican in 2016 election? You are attacking a presidential pardon of Roger Stone, as well as General Flynn, who were treated very unfairly. It was and is within the President’s realm to pardon people that have been treated unfairly. I am utterly amazed at the “stuff” democrats come up with; your speculation on Putin and President Trump relationship could come out of a science-fiction movie.

If you recall a $35,000 investigation by Mueller (all Democrat lawyers on panel) came up with nothing that the President had done wrong. It was the Democrats that sought” dirt” on the Trump’s campaign and used Russia to get information that was fake; and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC; or did you miss that?

The assertion that a “bounty” has been put on our American soldiers by Russia is under investigation by the Pentagon. To come out and state this as a fact is reckless and serves no useful purpose.

There is no law that the President must show his income tax returns. It has been a custom, but not a law. You are making judgments about the President’s tax returns that you have no evidence to back up your story. You are simply regurgitating the mainstream media’s narrative.

COVID 19 came from China. The World Health Organization pandered to China in a cover-up. If you have to blame someone, Mr. Reed, why not vent your anger at China. President Trump looked to the Centers for Disease Control for guidance. He closed the borders with China even before the final report came out from the CDC that the virus could be transferred from human to human.

He revamped our corporations to make and build ventilators, mask, gowns, testing for virus, sent two navy ships to New York and California for COVID patients, had our health experts update us on the virus daily. Democrats were the people who downplayed the virus….dancing in the streets at Chinatown and the New York governor telling people to go have fun.

By the way, your remark about Dr. Fauci is untrue. Dr. Fauci and the President were on television together this morning talking about the virus. President Trump thanked the doctor for his continued help. The President is not trying to get rid of Dr. Fauci as you suggested. That theory has been debunked.

Republicans are the only party holding this country together at present. We see Democrat controlled areas, being burned, looted, and innocent children being killed. I have not seen one Democrat come forward to condemn this situation. They are defunding the police and the violence is getting worse. Who are you going to call when you need help? A social worker or mental health professional when the door to your home is being kicked in? This is what the left suggests when you need help! By the way, The National Association of Police (all 900,000 of them) endorsed President Trump for 2020! He is a President for law and order. Mr. Biden is a different story. He has leaned so far left that he will fall off the cliff.

The peaceful protest for George Floyd turned violent. Antifa and supporters of the communist party had been planning this violence since August 2019 according to news sources. These violent people high-jacked the peaceful protest for their narrative.

Mr. Reed, the swamp you referred to in your op-ed, belongs to the elites who have been in Congress and Senate for 30 plus years. Forty years for Joe Biden. Do you really think he is up for the job?

Name one good thing he has done for the country in forty years, eight of those years as Vice President. I cannot think of one thing he accomplished. Yet he is running for the highest office in the land. He has a lot of baggage… the Tara Reade scandal, lying about his college standing (he ranked 76 out of 86, not top 10 in class as he claimed), his quid pro quo on tape with Ukraine, his plagiarism of others ideas on more than one occasion, his stand on segregation in prior years as a senator, and his conduct as Vice President for increasing his family’s wealth at taxpayer expense. That seems enough to disqualify him as a serious candidate.

Stella Adcock,