Letter to the Editor

The swamp is now a quagmire

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

To the editor,

Ms Adcock accuses me of hyperventilating about Trump and his Republican enablers but it appears she is having a hissy fit about the facts.  Before she slams me and calls me a liar she needs to get some of her facts straight.  I will not attempt to address her letter on each point because it would take all day.  You can't convince someone who does not have an open mind and only listens to Fox News.  I do watch all news outlets, including Fox, so I can get all sides of the issues.  However, it seems like Fox has turned to propaganda more than news.

Presidents don't usually commute the sentences of people who have just been convicted by a jury trial, and they don't pardon someone who has admitted lying to the FBI.  Trump did this with Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.  We all know why he did this and it is because he feared what they would say if he did not protect them.  For what other purpose would he do this?  It was not because he thought they were treated unfairly.  They had the goods on him and he was deathly afraid.

Putin and Trump talked again this week and they did not talk about the bounties put on American soldiers' heads.  Ms. Adcock, it was in Trump's briefing papers that Russia had done this if you will check your facts.  We cannot rely on a president who will always protect Russia. Has he ever said one thing against Russia in four years?  All he has done is ask for their help such as asking them to get Clinton's E-Mails.  A president who was for America would demand Russia stop this or they would have consequences.

I'm glad to hear you say the Mueller investigation cost $35,000 as the Republicans have been claiming it cost much more.  That was a bargain.  You claim all the investigators were Democrats without admitting that Mueller himself is a life-long registered Republican.  His supervisor, Rosenstein, is also a Republican.  Mueller's investigation did find 10 cases of obstruction of justice but they couldn't charge Trump because he was a sitting president (the stupidest rule ever).  Mueller also said he did not acquit the president.  Don't listen to Barr because he lied too and changed what Mueller said.  

I suppose you are happy that Trump has charged the American taxpayers $22 million for 300 days spent at his resorts.  I learned last week that he is charging the secret service and his entourage $650 per night per room just to spend the night.  No wonder he is not taking a salary.  He is getting rich off us without taking a salary.  Where is Mitch McConnell when it comes to Trump being a grifter?  I forgot, McConnell's wife is working for Trump so he has to keep quiet.  All McConnell will do is to prevent a Democrat president from appointing a Supreme Court Justice so he can get a right wing Republican.  He did this for a year.  No wonder they call him Moscow Mitch. 

You claim Biden has been in congress for 30 years, but you fail to mention McConnell has been there 35 years and all he has done is obstruct, delay, and refuse to do his job.  I just hope the Marine fighter pilot, Amy McGrath, beats his socks off this election.   We need a change and not a 35-year do-nothing senator.

Trump still won't let Fauci speak.  Why is Trump the only one talking in his daily briefings?  He doesn't want the truth to come out.  Since when did Trump become an expert on health issues?  I forgot, he is the "stable genius."  He needs to be put in a stable.  Now he is claiming he did great on an Alzheimer's test.  He can tell the difference between an elephant and a lion.  How brilliant. 


Ms. Adcock, you want to mention Tara Reade without mentioning that Trump has been accused of molesting 16 women.  Answer for that.  Remember the Access Hollywood tape.  It was Trump's admission in his own words.

Now Trump has called out his Gestapo on American cities.  The mayors and governors do not want them there but fascist Trump is determined to be the dictator.  Anyone who crosses him will get his wrath.  This from a man who got 5 deferments for bone spurs, and said John McCain was not a hero.  Trump is a cowardly, corrupt, excuse of a man.


We don't have a swamp now as it has turned into a quagmire. 

Charles Reed,