Letter to the Editor

Adcockís Kool Aid was spiked with something

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

To the editor,

I said I would not write a letter to the editor in response to Stella Adcockís fictional and imaginary facts and condemnations regarding all Democrats, especially Mr. Reed. However, like Popeye, ďI canít stands no more,Ē I have to speak up.

So, there is no law requiring Donald Trump to show his tax returns he should do it anyway and prove he is as honest as Ms. Adcock believes he is. Does it not concern her that he be glad to release them and take away the doubt.

If, in her opinion, Republicans are all thatís holding this country together, I fear the end is near. Donald Trump cares more about Putin and Russian than the U.S.A

I think Ms. Adcock not only drank the cool-aid, but it may have been laced with something stronger. Donít believe everything he throws out there. Find the true facts.

Ruth Bellenfant,