Letter to the Editor

Things arenít going Trumpís way

Saturday, August 1, 2020

To the editor,

Trump is so afraid he is going to lose the election he is threatening to move the election date.† He cannot do this and he should know better ( which I doubt he has the sense ). † He is flailing around in his quagmire and he is lost.† The COVID is raging, his Gestapo is doing him no good, the GDP is down 32%, unemployment is through†the roof, and †his niece is telling what a sorry man he is.† He has never faced anything like this in his life.† Everything has gone his way before so when things don't go his way †he is ready to cry his eyes out because he is a baby.† We truly have a child in the White House.

Now Trump has found his ideal doctor in Stella (appropriately named) Immanuel.† This woman is in favor of Trump's Hydroxychloroquine, believes gynecological issues stem from sex with witches and demons, and that DNA from space aliens is currently used in medicine.† This shows how far out in space Trump has gone.

Now that he is fully aware Russia put bounties on the heads of American troops he still refuses to confront Putin.† This proves to me that Trump is a communist and he is helping his best friend Putin push the communist doctrine. † Every service man and woman and all veterans should be disgusted with this president. † He is selling out America to Russia.

Let's get out and vote in numbers never seen before so we can rid ourselves of this lying, dishonest, worthless man, Donald Trump.

Charles Reed