Letter to the Editor

Democrats’ history reveals their hypocrisy

Saturday, August 1, 2020

To the editor,

Current Democrats laud themselves as being the champions of minorities and in particular; women. History would belie this assertion if read as actual and not the versions of revisionists and liberal media.

A profound example would be the treatment of President Abraham Lincoln by the Democrats and media upon his issuance of the Proclamation of Emancipation edict; this was the issuance of freedom of all slaves in the seceded Southern states in January 1863. Those liberal news outlets (and yes, they were already ultra-liberal in the nineteenth century) having access to the proclamation before its official issuance were quick to pounce on it with both feet writing denouncing vicious and bitter editorials.

Two examples are presented; one from the Chicago Times edition on December 30, 1862 had this enlightening editorial: “In issuing the proclamation he will, therefore, proceed deliberately and maliciously to divide the North. He will have forfeited all his pledges made at the beginning of the War; he will have converted the grand contest for the salvation of the Union into an unconstitutional crusade for the abolition of slavery employing the weapon of servile insurrection.”

Another editorial from a leading Pennsylvania Democrat paper labeled the proclamation as a “crazy edict by a bloody despotic tyrant.” Do these not sound familiar?

Change the date and Lincoln to Trump and would very well be CNN generated with smiling Nancy and bewildered Joe from his basement refuge in the background endorsing. Same mentality and same Democrat ideas. Democrat Rep. AOC isn’t included in this category because she is so ignorant she probably thinks Lincoln is a now defunct American car driven only by privileged Whites.

Let us go forward in history to another minority miscarriage of justice; the cause for women suffrage. The movement was started by a real champion of women, a young Quaker woman Susan B. Anthony. She approached Republican California Senator A.A. Sargent in 1865 to take up the cause and he introduced the 19th amendment (also known colloquially as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment) only to have it soundly defeated four separate times by the then Democrat-controlled congress. So much for the heralded Democrats’ compassion for women rights.

When the Republicans gained control of congress in 1919 they reintroduced the Equal Suffrage Amendment passed by the House in May 1919 and forwarded on to the Senate. In the Senate, the Democrats immediately filibustered the issue but soon abandon this position and on June 4, 1919 the amendment passed by a vote of 37 Republicans but with only 19 Democrats voting for it. The amendment was submitted to the state legislatures for ratification and luckily for the 19th amendment twenty six of the states had Republican majorities and eight of the nine states voting against it had Democrat majorities. Incidentally, Tennessee was the 36th needed and final state that voted ‘yes’ for the ratification.

After too many years of turmoil and controversy the very important 19th amendment in spite of almost constant Democrat denial was passed with President Wilson signing it into law on August 20, 1920.

With this record of constant Democrat politicians voting against Lincoln and in essence the civil rights of minorities and as Commander-in-Chief of the United States military at the cost of a bloody Civil War and 700,000 American lives, justice prevailed and slavery was abolished. However, what was just as deplorable was the 55 year battle fought by courageous Americans with Susan B. Anthony in the vanguard. A terrible unjustifiable record thanks to the Democrats.

What say you Nancy Pelosi and poor dotard Joe Biden and your clueless ignorant disciples? If you have your way will you squash and delete this sordid past Democrat position in denying the rights of minorities for a significance period of American history? Or will you continue on your path of lies, self-denial and subterfuge with your only platform to offer the American populace based on one principal: Hate Trump.

Charles D. Sliger,