Letter to the Editor

I am defined by my enemies

Saturday, August 1, 2020

To the editor,

I am being attacked by two different people so I must be doing something right!

Ms. Ruth Bellenfant seems to think I deal in “fictional and imaginary facts.” There are no such things as fictional or imaginary facts. Facts deal in the truth. Something Democrats sorely lack in the Congress and Senate.

I do not drink Kool-aid. Laced Kool-aid was used by Jim Jones massacre in Jonestown in Guyana in 1978 to kill 900 people in a cult he established.

The last time I looked, we can still make choices. The President has chosen not to reveal his tax records. He is not obligated to reveal his tax information. It is not a law. The “court of opinion” does not matter in this situation. If the “court of opinion” can bully a president, just think what the “court of opinion” can do to you. We are a nation of laws.

Do not tell me that President Trump cares more about Russia than the U.S.A. Democrats have already played that card and lost on two counts; the Mueller report (17 Democrat lawyers on panel) and lost on the Impeachment hoax. The panel chose Mueller because he is a registered Republican, but stacked the deck with Democrat lawyers. Democrats refuse to give up on Russia hoax even though it has been debunked. Update. Mueller report cost taxpayers $23.2 MILLION dollars. No bargain here.

Mr. Reed your assertion that there is a “bounty” on U.S. soldiers is still under investigation; Rachel Maddox of CNN broke this story without hard evidence. And we all know her track record is not one of truthfulness. Common sense tells me if this bounty story is true, the generals in the field would know it. Not one, to my knowledge has confirmed this story.

Putin is trying to stay in power until 2036, I seriously doubt he is looking for a war with the United States. Furthermore, the Taliban has signed a peace deal with the USA. This may not end the conflict but at least they are now talking to Afghanistan, so why would Russia need to put a “bounty” on US soldiers? I view this story as propaganda to hurt President Trump in his re-election. Colin Powell (4 star General and former Secretary of State 2001-2005) said on CNN interview that this “bounty story” has risen to “hyperbole level” (exaggeration for effect.)

Maybe, Ms. Bellenfant you should start watching Newsmax or One America News and mainstream media or subscribe to the Epoch Newspaper, if you really want to know what is going on in America. If mainstream media doesn’t have a true story, they make one up or rearrange the story to fit their narrative. Case in point, CNN was sued for 800 million dollars in the defamation suit of Nick Sandman, the Covington High school student. He won that suit as well as suits against Washington Post, and NBC Universal. Maybe there is still justice in USA.

Mr. Reed you are forgetting that a sitting President has the authority to pardon who he thinks has been treated unfairly. It doesn’t mean we have to like it. Obama pardoned 1,927 people who were convicted of federal crimes before he left office. On his last day in office he pardoned 330 people. Where was the hoopla when he did this?

What truth is to come out from Dr. Fauci? Democrats jump up and down about “should have, could have” done this and that sooner. They don’t even bother to follow the CDC’s time line of when this virus was detected and that it could be transmitted from human to human.

Mr. Reed, do think our federal buildings should be protected against looters, arsons and police should not protect property? Jerry Nadler (D) was on television yesterday saying all this destruction in states was a myth. (Another democrat with his head in the sand.) All this looting, arson, and destruction of property is being done in Democrat controlled cities, who refuse help. That is why federal agents have to be called in to protect federal property. This is no longer a protest; it is a riot engineered by a well-organized Antifa and communist groups. This group has used lasers against police; two agents have lost their sight in one eye. Their goal is to overthrow our government and usher in socialism.

Mr. Reed, the Tara Reade allegation (about Biden) should have had a hearing and an investigation just like the one done on Judge Kavanagh. Biden refuses to give his papers stashed, in a University in Delaware, to answer this question. Is he hiding something? All Democrats supported his denial of the allegation. Tara Reade had filed a complaint, had told her mother and friends about the encounter, unlike Christine B. Ford who could not produce one person to verify her story. What happened to “nobody is above the law”?

Mr. Reed I did NOT call you a liar. I have re-read the OP Ed, that word is not there. But you had no problem calling Attorney General William Barr a liar. The Congress had Mr. Barr come in to answer “some questions” Tuesday. The Democrats on that committee chaired by Jerry Nadler, treated him worse than they treated Judge Kavanagh. The session went threw lunch and when Mr. Barr ask Nadler for a five-minute break; Nadler declined, even though Mr. Barr had waited 1.5 hours for Nadler to arrive. Finally, the Republicans had to step in to get the five-minute break. The Daily Update described Nadler’s behavior in the hearing with Mr. Barr as despicable, depraved, demented, deluded and a train wreck. I have to agree, it was shameful.

Mr. Reed, I think you should look at Biden’s record before you criticize President Trump. Biden’s family got filthy rich while he was in office as a Senator and Vice President at taxpayer’s expense. He used taxpayer backed loans to finance family businesses.

Happy trails.

Stella Adcock,