Letter to the Editor

Ruth is wrong, Stella is right

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

To the editor,

Ruth Bellenfant should be relieved, because after the election and if Mr. Biden (who has dementia) wins, she wonít hear anything that disturbs her left-leaning tendencies. As it is now, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are censoring anything that doesnít play to their agenda (that would be the Leftís socialist idea of heaven on earth).

It is none of Ruthís business, or anyone elseís business to see Donald Trumpís taxes. I can understand wanting to see politiciansí tax returns when they are being paid by taxpayers, but before that time, itís none of anyoneís business. I think it would be more telling to see Hillary Clinton or Barack (aka, Barry) Obamaís college thesis, which is sealed. Why are they sealed? Because they are most likely filled with Marxism and how to control people through social programs.

Stella Adcock is correct in saying that Republicans are all thatís holding this country together. How can that be denied when many liberal states and liberal mayors canít (and donít want to) control their states and cities from looters and rioters (referred to peaceful protesters on television).† To say that President Trump cares more about Putin and Russia than the U.S.A., is beyond ridiculous. It makes me wonder if it isnít Ruth consuming the Kool-Aid, via CNN, MSNBC and Facebook.

My advice to Ruth is to go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid, enjoy it, but when you wake up and the election is over, you may have a severe hangover if Joe Biden wins.

Donna Bagar,