Letter to the Editor

Derelict Bill Lee!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

To the editor,

Gov. Lee, 50th governor of the state of Tennessee, who ran a campaign based on the belief that he stated during his inaugural address as “government is not the answer to our greatest challenges” has placed Tennessee in stage lights much brighter than the Opry could have fancied on how lack of leadership is expressly not the answer to our greatest challenges.

Derelict Lee, in your early campaign ads you stated you wanted to “make life better for other people” and to “serve.” I hate to be the bearer of facts, but Governor – you have done very little, if anything to make life better for the people you are responsible for leading. The only individuals that come to mind that you have served are the unborn…and that lasted an awkward 45 minutes, (practically speaking – less than the wait time at a Tennessee driver’s license station) until it was adjudicated unconstitutional like others before it (equal to amount of people in front of you at Tennessee driver’s license station).

Derelict Lee. It is you Governor Lee who must not wait one week before issuing a state of emergency, after the 1st confirmed case of Covid-19 is within your borders. It is you Governor Lee that should have led our state to rally around a wounded Nashville and middle Tennessee in the aftermath of a deadly tornado, instead of driving the legislature to remain in session surrounded by loss and devastation, to push for an unconstitutional school voucher program. It is you that must LEAD by mandating masks. It is you that must LEAD by taking the advice of health officials, and it is you that must not simply mandate children return to school because lack of social interaction is harmful to their development; as if they’re immune to a global pandemic that has no cure.

Derelict Lee – soon “the buck stops here” shall become your new way of leading; foregoing your action of “pass the buck along” if your true desire is to “make life better for other people.”

Daniel Keith Boyce,