Letter to the Editor

Biden’s got some explaining to do

Saturday, August 8, 2020

To the editor,

To debate or not to debate? That is the question for Joe Biden.

If he does not debate, how are voters to know what his future policies are for the country? Mainstream media is sheltering Biden from any questions. We are left to wonder if Biden is up for the job physically or mentally. Is this the reason his “handlers” are keeping him in the basement?

Chris Wallace from Fox News has invited him multiple times to come on his show; Biden has yet to answer his invitation.

President Trump sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox News and answered some tough questions; why won’t Biden do the same?

There are some serious questions, Joe Biden needs to answer. We know he is soft on China, his son started a $1.5 billion investment fund with Chinese money. If elected, will he be able to stand up against China?

Then there is his “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, and his name on a list to unmask General Flynn on January 5, 2016, when Biden should have been packing up to move out of the White House office before President Trump was to be sworn in on January 20.

Is Joe Biden being used as a Trojan Horse (a person intended secretly to undermine or bring about the downfall of an opponent)? Is the radical left using Joe Biden’s name recognition to get into the White House, then using him as a puppet for their agenda? We know the radical left Democrats will do anything or say anything to win this election, including voter fraud.

Yes, it does exist.

Four councilmen in New Jersey are facing voter fraud related to May 12, 2020 election. Former Philadelphia Judge, Domenick DeMuro, was charged with multiple counts of stuffing Democrat ballots in election ballot boxes. There is a huge list of people by states on the Heritage Foundation Election Fraud site. See for yourself.

I keep hearing this language from Democrats … when we win … Will President Trump leave the White House peacefully? I have a question for Democrats. If this election turns out in favor of President Trump, will the Democrats put on their “big boy pants” and do the work for the American people or sit on their gluteus maximus and continue their tantrum of resistance? The American people need to know before we go to the ballot box.

Most Americans are weary of the “do nothing” Democrat Congress. Just this week, Democrats refused a package to help people during this time COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Because they did not get the “pork” they wanted. I honestly do not see how they can go home and look at their constituents. They are on a break and some of their constituents, do not know where they will get the next meal for their family.

Democrat controlled cities still have violent rioters, (refuse help), arson, and murders of children. The party has not condemned any of this to my knowledge. Congressman Jerry Nadler, said all of this is a myth. Americans want law and order, not chaos.

Biden’s view about safety for the USA is to “re-allocate funding” for the police ( in other words defund the police) and tearing down the wall at the Southern border. How is Biden going to protect the citizens of this country?

Bottom line. We need some serious answers from Joe Biden.

Stella Adcock,