Letter to the Editor

Trump: back and forth with Stella

Thursday, August 13, 2020

To the editor,

Ms. Adcock claims she is being attacked by Ms. Bellenfant and me.  she should know that others have very different views from her, and the last time I looked we had freedom of speech. Of course, if Trump and his sycophants had their way, speech would only come from them.  It is their way or the highway.

The president is not required to reveal his tax returns, but he should not outright lie to us by telling us he would reveal them as soon as he was out of audit.  It does not take 4 years for an audit so we know the president lied to us.  This is the same Trump who promised that Mexico would pay for the wall.  Ms. Adcock, have you seen Mexico sending us money for Trump's wall?  No, Trump took money from the military for his dear wall.  Another in a long series of outright lies by Trump.

Ms. Adcock tells us we should be watching Newsmax, One America News, and subscribing to Epoch Newspaper.  Newsmax is run by Chris Ruddy whom I have seen on many TV interviews. He is a Trump supporter all the way and he will never give a straight answer to a question.  He bobs and spins around every answer so he won't offend Trump.  One America News is described as a far right channel that calls itself one of the "greatest supporters" of President Donald Trump.  Epoch News is the second largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising. These so-called media outlets are nothing but propaganda machines for Trump. Don't tell me to watch such biased garbage.  I will take mainstream media any day over the Putin-Trump networks.

Dr. Fauci is the only one in this administration who tells the truth.  Trump pops out with his "golden oldie" tour each day without a doctor present.  He reads, or stumbles over, the same old stuff each day and storms off the stage when asked a question he doesn't like.  He did this again on Sat., Aug. 8.  He is trying to wish away COVID-19 but the epidemic won't be bullied by this angry, unhinged man.  Had Trump set guidelines the CDC recommended at first we would have  far less deaths than we do today.  He will not act like a leader, but acts more like the infant he is.  He refuses to wear a mask most everywhere he goes and claims the virus is disappearing.  

Ms. Adcock is always bringing up the Tara Reade allegation against Joe Biden.  She wants a hearing and investigation.  Let's do this, Ms. Adcock, but only if we do the same with Trump and the 22 women who have accused Trump of unwanted touching, groping, and even rape. Some of the women (I'll only name 6) are Rachel Crooks, Summer Zervos, Karen Johnson, Juliet Huddy, Jennifer Murphy, and Jessica Leeds.  If Ms. Adcock would like the other 16 names I will be glad to supply them.

Bill Barr is a lawyer who has been around the block many times.  He knows perfectly well how to handle himself in hearings.  He was not treated unfairly by the committee.  Barr evaded questions, acted like he couldn't hear, and tried to filibuster every Democrat question.  Barr would perk up as soon as Jim Jordan and crew would ask a question.  In fact, Jordan acted like he had been drinking too much coffee and the caffeine was affecting him.  Jordan was jumping around like a toad frog. 

Just remember that Trump was impeached.  He will forever be an impeached president.  Ms. Adcock, you can't "debunk" this as you attempt to do with every other fact.

How does anyone explain how Trump has been allowed to make $ 22 million at his resorts off the American taxpayers?  It makes any claim that Biden got rich look very small in comparison.  This is the only money that can be proven Trump took from us thus far. Trump threw the emoluments clause of The Constitution right out the window.  I don't like Trump using my money for his benefit and I don't think many others do either.

Now Trump is bragging he is going to get laid off workers $400 per week.  The only catch, and he always has one, is that the states will have to pay $100 of the $400.  This man is like a fake Santa Claus in a big, fat, orange-haired, liar's body.

Charles Reed