Letter to the Editor

Democrats use the pandemic for political gain

Saturday, August 15, 2020

To the editor,

I thought this COVID-19 pandemic would bring this country together. I was wrong. Instead of coming together, the radical liberal mob has chosen to destroy our country. Under the guise of “peaceful protest,” liberal extremists demolished and defaced 100-plus year old statues like George Washington and Ulysses Grant. It is not about the Civil War or civil rights. It is because they HATE America. I have not heard one Democrat speak up against this lawlessness. In fact, it has been disclosed that Democrat staffers are pooling money to get rioters out of jail and back on the streets!

For weeks and months now, violent mobs (in largely Democrat-run cities) have used the virus as a cover to roam our streets and destroy property. Under Democrat-led leadership, they have been met with ZERO resistance from law enforcement and zero legal consequences.

Democrat Jerry Nadler describes this behavior as a “myth” when ask about rioters and looters on television. Democrats would rather allow rioting and looting, than protect their people in their cities. In other words, to the “woke” mob the end justifies the means.

The liberal Democrats are taking the side of communist China and exploiting this crisis for their own political gain. These liberals have done everything in their power to rip this country apart pointing fingers, spreading misinformation and attempting to blame President Trump.

It was Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff, Emanuel, who explained this particular statement from the 2018 playbook. ”Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The same was echoed by James Clyburn (D-SC) when he went on record saying, “this global pandemic is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” And there it is; Democrats exploiting this crisis for their own benefit.

Before most of us had even heard of COVID-19, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was updating President Trump on coronavirus. Thankfully, President Trump took decisive action, (back in January) banning travel from China, and in defiance of the corrupt World Health Organization, who said a ban was totally unnecessary. The President was willing to do the right thing, regardless of what the media, WHO, and CDC proclaimed. Many lives were saved because of his swift action; Democrats were too busy preparing “their” impeachment to be bothered by facts of the virus.

The mainstream media immediately attacked Senator Cotton and President Trump. The liberal rag, Huffington Post, accused Senator Cotton of spreading “misinformation and a week-long panic meltdown over the disease.” CBS’s Face The Nation, went so far as to have China’s Ambassador to the USA, on air, setting him to label Senator Cotton as “absolutely crazy.” Joe Biden accused the President of hysteria and racism. (No Joe, the racist title belongs to you.) Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren’s aides set-up a” coronavirus war room” with sole purpose of attacking President Trump response to the pandemic. As of now, the media has made no apologies and continue to blame President Trump’s handling the virus.

It gets worse, when the United States Senate went to pass an emergency relief bill, House liberal Democrats intentionally burdened the bill with items that had nothing to do with helping Americans deal with the pandemic. As of August 13, they are still stonewalling a second bill to help Americans in need. It is either their way or the highway.

These are the things they wanted attached to the first bill: Same day/day of voter registration ( which opens up elections to massive voter fraud); massive concessions to Big Labor and Union payoffs (more money for Democrat coffers); mandating “corporate diversity and inclusion programs” for corporations; new restrictions on emissions standards for Airlines; millions of dollars for the Kennedy Center and tax breaks for GREEN energy scams.

Bottom line. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are willing to risk your life; your job and your retirement savings for a radical, left-wing wish list that has nothing to do with this virus. The message is clear Democrats are exploiting this pandemic for their own personal and political gain. Are these the people we want in our government? There is a petition being circulated to remove Schumer and Pelosi; the sooner they are removed the better off this nation will be.

Stella Adcock,