Letter to the Editor

Trump is not a religious man

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

To the editor,

Recently our President Donald John Trump made a statement to the media that Joe Biden was against God. What authority does Mr. Trump have in making this kind of religious statement; is he a Theologian who makes the interpretation of which is written in the scriptures of the Bible? I ask you how can Trump make a statement about Biden relationship with God after all of things he has said and done against Godís teachings.

When you look at the reality between Trump and Joe Biden you will see a vast difference. There have been many writers and commentaries with references to Trumpís life. Recently one of those writers said Trump has no conscience or empathy, and does not care about his red meat supporters. All he wants from them is their vote. The Christian Religious Right have embraced him as the person they feel is a God-fearing man. Yet Trumpís niece writes in her book Trump is no God-fearing man.

Joe Biden is a deeply devoted Catholic who attends daily mass every morning, and has suffered greatly with the loss of his beloved wife and son. Mr. Biden served many years in the halls of Congress and served as Vice President of this great country for two terms with President Barack Obama.

Joe Biden has served his country with respect and honor. Donald Trump statement, ďBiden is against God,Ē only shows his desperate attempt to inflame the Religious Right.

If you want to save America then vote Trump out. If you want to put Christianity back in the White House then vote Trump out. If you want to put honest people in the White House then vote Trump out, but this can only happen if you go vote on Nov. 3í 2020.

Bobby Fanning