Letter to the Editor

Time to prosecute Obama and Biden

Thursday, August 27, 2020

To the editor,

After four years the Deep state coup perpetrators still go unpunished. It is clear to me we have two justice systems: One for folks like you and me and one for Left-wing elites who seem to be above the law.

Roger Stone is awaiting a 40 -month prison sentence while Andrew McCabe (FBI former director) enjoys life with cushy high-profile job with CNN commentator, creating outrage among conservatives who see a political double standard when it comes to prosecutions of false statements. Both men lied to a federal investigators or Congress, a federal offense that can be prosecuted and result in prison time. Yet only one gets prison time. Why? Is it because McCabe is anti-Trump that he got off free?

The dishonest press won’t push for an indictment. You know as well as I do the press is in cahoots with the Deep state to destroy President Trump. The very afternoon of President Trump’s Inauguration, just 19 minutes after he took the oath of office, the Deep State’s newspaper in our nation’s capital, The Washington Post, headlined “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” The Washington Post is owned by CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos (a left wing leaning Democrat).

Anti-Trump protestors wearing T-shirts spelling out the word RESIST was rudely chanted during his taking oath of office. Some members of Congress refused to attend. Conservatives did not behave that way when Obama was inaugurated. The inauguration is when ‘We the People’ celebrate one of the achievements of our Constitutional republic—the peaceful transfer of power. If President Trump does not win the re-election in November 2020 this is our last chance to prosecute the lawbreakers. The Democrats will sweep it under the carpet. The trouble is only so much dirt can be swept under the carpet before everybody who steps on it will stumble and fall.

The rule of law is one of our founding principles. Public officials are held to a higher standard for upholding the law because they must have the public trust.

I think if the ‘rule of law’ is important enough to investigate the President of USA it should also apply to ”coup” plotters who used fake material to try to remove him from office.

We all know now, that the Clinton Presidential Campaign was the real Russian collusion, Deep State conspiracy and dirty tricks:

•A false Trump/Russia collusion claim was reported by Christopher Steele (former British spy with Kremlin sources) who once headed Britain’s M16 Russia Station.

•Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid $9 million for this fraudulent material to begin the media and Mueller investigation stacked with all Democratic lawyers, including Hilary’s personal lawyer.

•The Steele ‘report’ was the centerpiece of ‘evidence’ given to the FISA Court to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

•High level officials in the Obama Department of Justice and FBI combined to protect one candidate (Hillary) and tear down the other candidate (Trump).

•FBI lawyer, Lisa Page directly implicated Barack Obama when she told Peter Strzok (FBI point man in spy operation) ” POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”.

•Strzok let the cat out of the bag in his next text to Page about Deep States “insurance policy” against risk that Trump might actually win in 2016.

Exposing government corruption and abuse of power, that almost took down a duly elected president, will restore the rule of law to its rightful place as the foundation of our justice system.

At this time in our nation we need sorely to restore law and order. We need to stand up for our law enforcement, and expel governors and mayors who will not stand up for law and order. This revolving door for criminals must be ended. Criminals being arrested in Democrat states and cities are being let out of jail, even without bond, to loot, destroy property, killing our innocent children and elderly people.

Peaceful protest has been hijacked by lawless people. Law breakers should be punished no matter who they are. These government officials include Hillary Clinton, former president Obama, former vice president Joe Biden, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Glenn Simpson, Bruce and wife, Nellie Ohr and Christopher Steele. These people should be prosecuted now.

And while we are prosecuting people add George Soros to the list and strip him of USA citizenship; recently it has come to light, with his money he has bought attorneys general to destroy the local government in two states; Virginia (Steve Descano) and Kim Foxx in Chicago, IL) reported by the Daily News. It is time for the Justice Department to stop dragging their feet and do their job for the American people.

(Research from Daily News and Liberty Guard)

Stella Adcock,